CHULA MED J :   Vol.32  NO. 12  12/1988


การวิ่งออกกำลังกาย (P. 1047)
Pibul Itiravivong

Special Articles

Arthroscopy. (P. 1051)
Itiravivong P.

Original Articles

Health Examination Survey of the elderly at Koh-Chan. (P. 1055)
Srithong C., Chalaprawat M., Matrakul B., Pimonstrien S., Sitti-Amorn C., Chirachun B., Bunnag S., Lekfurngfoo S., Luengjamikorn W., Manothai P.

The posterior stabilized condylar prosthesis: An experience in fifty knees. (P. 1061)
Itiravivong P., Kunnataraporn N.

Effect of Buddhist meditation on serum cortisol level, cardiovascular functions, respiratory function, and reaction time. (P. 1069)
Chentanez V., Sudsuang R., Veluvan K., Phuwapanich S.

Triple Jump Examination for Innovative Medical Curriculum Student (CTPB Programme) in the study of applied computer in medicine. (P. 1079)
Jaroongdaechakul M., Chongtrakul P., Yenbutra D.

Case Report

Thoracic Disc Herniation, Anterolateral extraperitoneal disectomy and rib strut grafting: A case report with of literatures review. (P. 1091)
Dumrongwanich P., Prasongchin P., Itiravivong P.

Syphilitic optic neuritis. (P. 1099)
Lertchavanakul A., Laukanjanaratr W.

Review Articles

Immunoperoxidase staining techniques for antigens and antibodies detection, and theis clinical application. (P. 1105)
Tirawatnpong S.


Plasmacytoma. (P. 1121)
Itiravivong P., Uppamanoraset N., Yuktanandana P.