CHULA MED J :   Vol.33  NO. 6  6/1989


วิทยาการสมัยใหม่ในการวินิจฉัยโรคด้านการเห็นภาพ (P. 401)
Nitaya Suwanwela

Special Articles

Drinking water and sanitation: a village in action. (P. 405)
Menaruji A.

Original Articles

Redional cerebral blood flow study utilizing a new brain imaging agent. (P. 411)
Poshyachinda m., Boonvisut S.

Evaluation of current methods for laboratory diagnosis of anaerobic Clostridium difficile-colitis. (P. 419)
Dhamabutra N., Vichivanives P.

Feaible roles of health volunteers in early detection of diabetes. (P. 429)
Sithisarankul P., Viputsiri O., Samurwong P., Pansakorn S., Keaisampao R.

An analysis of 8 cases of malignant histiocytosis manifesting initially with fever. (P. 437)
Moollaor P., Swasdikul D.

Case Report

The ultrasound diagnosis of neonatal adrenal hemorrhage. (P. 443)
Boonjunwetwat D., Laoprasert W.

Obliteration of the main bronchus by foreign bodies of soft tissue density: Case Report. (P. 449)
Chomdej S.

Review Articles

Low osmolality contrast media. (P. 455)
Lerdlum S., Suwanwela N.


Infections and aplastic anemia in pregnancy. (P. 467)
Tresukosol D., Paisuntornsug P., Suwanakul P. Editor