CHULA MED J :   Vol.33  NO. 8  8/1989


การวินิจฉัยเนื้องอกโดยวิธีอิมมิวโนฮิสโตเคมี (P. 567)
Vira Kasantikul

Special Articles

Pituitary adenomas: current classification. (P. 569)
Kasantikul V.

Clinical decision analysis. (P. 575)
Kamolratanakul P.

Original Articles

Sebaceous cell carcinoma of ocular adnexa: report of six cases. (P. 585)
Benjavongkulchai S., Pisarnkorskul P., Kasantikul V.

Guillain-Barre syndrome. (P. 593)
Phanthumchinda K., Piyasirisilp S., Hemachuda T.

Causes of death in autopsied cases of leukemia. (P. 607)
Suvichanvorasin M., Yenrudi S.

Futher studies on incubation conditions for ALS-immunoglobulins and human erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase. (P. 615)
Sindhuphak R., Karlsson E.

Case Report

Nephrogenic adenoma: a case report. (P. 623)
Trakarnvanich V., Yenrudi S.

Heroin; pathologic aspects and fatal infective complications: a report 2 cases of staphylococcus septicemias in heroin addict. (P. 627)
Moola-or P.

Review Articles

Transthyretin: review of the literature. (P. 637)
Shuangshoti S.