CHULA MED J :   Vol.33  NO. 10  10/1989


บริการเวชพันธุ์ศาสตร์ในโรงพยาบาลจุฬาลงกรณ์ (P. 717)
Vilai Chintanez, Prasong Siriviriyakul, Prayong Moola-or.

Special Articles

Laboratory role in the diagnosis of inflammatory pancreatic diseases. (P. 721)
Chinayon S.

Original Articles

Comparison of blood pressure values obtianed from digital oscillometry and sphymomanometer. (P. 731)
Siriviriyakul P., Sanguanrungsirikul S., Sangmal M.

Anatomical variations of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. (P. 739)
Tansatit T., Lorprayoon E., Chentanez V.

Roles of epithelium and temperature on the activity of chicken bronchial smooth muscle. (P. 753)
Werawong C., Sudsuang S., Dhumma-Upakorn P., Chentanez V.

Death on arrival: postmortem study of 400 cases. (P. 767)
Moolla-or P.

Use of magnesium sulfate in delirium tremens: report of 4 cases and review of the literatures. (P. 781)
Chanpattana W.

Case Report

Ultrasound diagnosis of hepatic mass in infancy and childhood. (P. 791)
Boonjunwetwat D., Suphanich S.

Review Articles

Neurophysiology of the elderly. (P. 801)
Sudsuang R., Somboonwong J.