CHULA MED J :   Vol.33  NO. 11  11/1989


วิสัญญีแพทย์กับการดูแลผู้ป่วยอาการหนัก (P. 811)
Wanna Somboonviboon, Chandhanee Itthipanichpong

Special Articles

Care for the patient on respirator. (P. 813)
Somboonviboon W.

New nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug: Emorfazone. (P. 819)
Itthipanichpong C.

Original Articles

Effect of heated hunidification on recovery time of body temperature and sputum vicosity in postoperative open heart patients. (P. 825)
Numpet W., Somboonviboon W.

Acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage in Pichit Hospital. (P. 833)
Tangsittichok L., Punawakul S.

The safty effectiveness and acceptability of two foaming tablets in Thai women (non-oxynol-9 versus menfegol) in Thai women in Bangkok. (P. 839)
Chompootaweep S., Dusisin N.

Liver Abscess: A 7-year experience at Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 847)
Kladchareon N., Teeranut K., Voravuthi N., Manatsathit S.

Case Report

Anesthetic management in liver transplantation: a case report. (P. 861)
Kyokong O., Kanyakul S., Niruthisard S., Bodhidatta L., Wongsrichanalai J.

Review Articles

Compylobacter pylori associates gastritis. (P. 865)
Bodhidatta L., Wongsrichanalai J.


Computerized modified essay question (MEQ) for formative evaluation. (P. 873)
Chongtrakul P., Jaroongdaechakul M.