CHULA MED J :   Vol.34  NO. 1  1/1990


ความก้าวหน้าของโครงการผลิตแพทย์แนวใหม่ (P. 1)
Bunnat Laisniserikul

Special Articles

Inflammatory process and mediators. (P. 5)
Limpanichkul S.,

Dechenne muscular dystrophy and advanced research. (P. 15)
Swasdison S.

Original Articles

Adrenal Tumor: 10 years experience in Chulalongkorn Hospital (1979 - 1988). (P. 21)
Cheevaisrakul W., Vajarapongse R.

Analysis of 515 cases of the uterine cervix carcinoma treated with radiotherapy in Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 31)
Lertsanguansinchai P., Rojpornpradit P., Thitathan S., Rajatapiti P., Kambhu Na-Ayudhya P., Pataramontree J., Suriyapee S.

Gestroschisis and Omphalocele: a 12-year-review at Chulalongkorn University Hospital. (P. 41)
Pongmanavuth E., Chittmittrapap S., Chandrakamol B.

Factors influencing the basic immunization coverage in the Din-Daeng Community, Bangkok. (P. 49)
Luksamijarulkul P., Wong-arsa C.

Case Report

Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy in removal of foreign body from the right intermediate bronchus: a case report. (P. 59)
Wongthim S.

Review Articles

Management of the bone marrow transplant recipient. (P. 63)
Intracumtornchai T.


S.C.A.I. 2: A new version of an authoring system software for computer assisted instruction in medicine. (P. 73)
Benjavongkulchai S., Laisnitsarekul B.