CHULA MED J :   Vol.34  NO. 11  11/1990


การเฝ้าระวังการใช้ยาเพื่อประเมินผลการรักษา (P. 827)
Oranee Tangphan

Special Articles

Bacteriologic control of sterilizing equipment. (P. 829)
Chongthaleog A.

Original Articles

Stroke in young adults. (P. 835)
Phanthunchinda K., Raiboriruk K.

A pharmacokinetic study of ceftazidime by using higpressure liquid chromtography in normal Thai Volunteers. (P. 843)
Chompootaweep S., Wittayalertpunya S., Opaswongs S.

A comparative study: pprevention of striae gravidarum in nulloparas utilising aloe vera cream vs. cream base. (P. 851)
Jiropas P., Tankeyoon M.

The effect of antacid on aspirin pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers. (P. 859)
Ittipanichpong C., Sirivongs P., Wittyalertpunya S., Chaiyos N.

Case Report

Real - time and duplex ultrasonography in diagnosis of mycotic aneurysm of the abdominal aorta: a case report. (P. 873)
Chayutipraiwan U., Vajarapongse K.

Review Articles

Sonographic screening method of down's syndrome in the second trimester. (P. 881)
Sukcharoen N.


Clinocopathological conference an alcoholic patient with perotionitis. (P. 893)
Sriratanaban A., Sitprija V., Chayutipraiwan U., Pongsabutra S., Wannarairot P., Vatananukul B., Phanthumchinda K., Suwangool P., Walairatana S., Sridama V. Editor