CHULA MED J :   Vol.35  NO. 5  5/1991


สูติศาสตร์ยุคไฮ-เทค (P. 239)
Yuen Tannirandorn

Special Articles

Current management in endometrial adenocarcinoma stage I. (P. 243)
Tresukosul D., Sirisabya N.

Original Articles

Comparative study of ketamine and diazepam with meperidine and diazepam in laparoscopic female sterilization. (P. 255)
Boonyavejchavin S.

Correlation between gestational age and ultrasonic head circumference. (P. 265)
Tongsong T., Wanspirak C., Yampochai A.

Transvaginosonography in follow up of gestational trophoblastic diseases. (P. 273)
Tresukosol D., Vitoonpanich P., Tantavanich T., Limpongsanurak S.

Characteristics of cultivated cells from amniotic fluid and culture failures. (P. 281)
Promochainant C.

Case Report

Diagnosis and management of fetal chylothorax. (P. 289)
Tannirandorn Y., Chittimittrapap S., Snidvongs W., Witoonpanich P., Phaosavasdi S.

Sonographic antenatal diagnosis of isolated duodenal atresia: case report. (P. 297)
Sukcharoen N., Tannirandorn Y., Viravaidya D., Phaosavasdi S., Snidvonds W.

Review Articles

Clinical application of doppler ultrasound in obstetries. (P. 303)
Tannirandorn Y.