CHULA MED J :   Vol.35  NO. 7  7/1991


แพทย์กับการบริการ (P. 415)
Bodi Dhanamun

Special Articles

Hospital cost analysis. (P. 417)
Dhanamun B., Wannawake I., Kongsawet S., Kamol-Ratanakul P.

Original Articles

Immunization for the production of high titre hepatiits-B immunoglobulin: a study of two plasma derived vaccines. (P. 423)
Nuchprayoon T., O' Charoen R., Chumnijarakij T., Sasomsup N., Kupatawintu P., Apirakyothin T.

Epidemiological, sociological and cultural baseline data in using a bednet of migrant workers at Bothong District, Chonburi Province. (P. 429)
Dhanamun B., Kamol-Ratanakul P.

Vasa previa: a 10 years review at Chulalongkorn Hospital (1981- 1990) (P. 437)
Sukoharoen N.

A comparative study of Vo2max and anaerobic threshold between aerobic and non-aerobic exercising in different aged males. (P. 443)
Kotheeanurak C., Chomdej B., Khumtaveeporn P., Chintanaseri C., Myint A.

Case Report

Traffic jam neuropathy. (P. 451)
Aksaranugraha S., Chumkasian P.

Traumatic lumber disc rupture with compression fracture of vertebral body of another lumber spinal level: a case report. (P. 457)
Tienboon P., Vanavanitkun T.

Review Articles

Trend of modern cataract surgery. (P. 463)
Tayanithi P.