CHULA MED J :   Vol.37  NO. 2  2/1993


เหตุเกิดที่ภาควิชาพยาธิวิทยา (P. 81)
Vira Kasantikul

Special Articles

Gene therapy. (P. 83)
Singhapakdi S.

Original Articles

Suicidal behavoir in children and adolescents. (P. 87)
Trangkasombat U.

A preliminary report of retinopathies in Thai AIDS patients. (P. 97)
Tayanithi P., Nantawan P., Sompopsakul A.

Analysis and comparison of cytodiagnosis and forzen section diagnosis of breast lumps. (P. 103)
Sampatanukul P., Chaiwan B., Trakaravanich V., Suvichanvorasin M.

Three-year trend for HVsAg screening in donated blood: national Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society. (P. 111)
Tanprasert S., Somjitta S., Preecharkul L.

Cytologic features of tuberculosis manifesting palpable lumps: A fine-needle aspiration biopsy approach. (P. 119)
Sampatanukul P., Lertpocasombat K., Tondakulrungruang K., Udompanich V.

Case Report

Solitary giant sessile polypoid hemangioma of the liver. (P. 127)
Shuagshoti S.

Review Articles

Papillary meningiomas: personal experience and review of literature. (P. 133)
Shuangshoti S.