CHULA MED J :   Vol.38  NO. 4  4/1994

Special Articles

Quality of Medical services: an marketing -oriented approach. (P. 169)
Sriratanaban J.

Original Articles

Physiological roles of Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA) on isolated human fallopian tube smooth muscle activities. (P. 179)
Prasarnpun S., Chomdej B., Sudsuang R.

Variation of branches of the subclavian artery in Thai. (P. 189)
Tnasatit T., Chentanez V.

Screening model for thalassemia carriers. (P. 209)
Kittikalayawong A., Impand C., Dharmkrong-at A., Mitrakul C., Tunsaringkarn K., havanond P., Srisukkoo P., Sindhuphak R., Dusitsin N.

Case Report

Imaging of Caroli's disease: a case report with review of literative. (P. 219)
Boonjunwetwat D., Kengsurakarn S., Vajragupta L., Buachum V.