CHULA MED J :   Vol.38  NO. 11  11/1994


มโนธรรม จริยธรรม คุณธรรม (P. 629)
Dhiraphongs Charoenvidhya

Special Articles

Twin-twin transfusion syndrome: Current concepts. (P. 631)
Manotaya S.

Fetal echocardiography and prenatal diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease. (P. 641)
Uerpairojkit B., Charoenvidhya D., Witoonpanich P., Phaosavasdi S.

Original Articles

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: A preliminary report. (P. 653)
Termrungruanglert W., Wisawasukmongchol W., Limpaphayom K., Vasuratna A., Sittisomwong T., Niruttisard S., Sirisabya N.

An epidemiological study of hydatidiform moles conducted in Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 659)
Limpongsanurak S.

Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of hydrops fetalis in Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 667)
Wacharaprechanont T., Uerpairojkij B., Tannirandorn Y., Charoenvidhya D., Phaosawasdi S..

Effect of hormonal replacement therapy on bone changes in Thai menopausal women: a preliminary report. (P. 679)
Limpaphayom K., Taechakrachana N., Poshyachinda M., Jaisamrarn U.

Reduction of postoperative pain after cesarian section with additional local anesthesia. (P. 689)
Ngampoopun S.

Case Report

Hepatocellular carcinoma with severe hypoglycemia in twins pregnancy-case report and review literature. (P. 699)
Trivijitsilp P., Sucharitjun N., Sinthuwanitch D., Techasena V.

Review Articles

Fetal echocardiography: obstetric application. (P. 705)
Uerpairojkit B., Charoenvidhya D., Witoonpanich P., Phaosavasdi S.

Treatment of ovarian cancer: the state of the art. (P. 713)
Tresukosol D.