CHULA MED J :   Vol.39  NO. 8  8/1995

Special Articles

Ethical consideration: physician, AIDS and occupational risk. (P. 559)
Yuktanandana P.

Original Articles

Bell's palsy: a survey study of five-year hospital service. (P. 563)
Sathirapanya P.

Effects of garlic extract on cardiovascular complications in diabetic rats. (P. 571)
Patumraj S., Jetapai U., Udayachalerm W.

Elimination of hook worm infection by using the method of continous treatment. (P. 583)
Kraivichian P., Kamol-ratanakul P., Yingyourd P., Kulkumthorn M., Dhanamun B., Sitthichareonchai P.

Viral isolation in different stages of recurrent herpes labialis by shell vial centrifugation cell culture. (P. 593)
Pittayathikhun K., Korkij W., Punnarugsa V., Bhattarakosol P.

Case Report

Spinal fracture complicating ankylosing spondylitis from swimming: a case report. (P. 601)
Anannontsak A., Aksaranugraha S.

Review Articles

Application of hospital mortality rates in assessing quality of medical care of hospitals: concepts, reliability, and validity. (P. 607)
Sriratanaban J., Chiravisit M.