CHULA MED J :   Vol.39  NO. 12  12/1995


ถนนสู่การพัฒนาคุณภาพ (P. 863)
Ong-arj Viputsiri

Original Articles

Hormonal levelsl in male heroin addicts and methadone detoxification. (P. 867)
Tunsaringkarn K., Wongpa S., Rungsiyothin A., Issaravanich S., Udomprasertgul V., Boonbundarlchai R.

In vitro effects of allicin upon the contraction of pregnant rat uterine musculature. (P. 879)
Borvonsin S., Saridikhul S., Sudsuang R.

A study and design of vision screening chart for preschool children. (P. 893)
Vimolget T., Na Ranong R.

Case Report

Prolonged fever, chronic subcutaneous abscess and liver abscesses in a diabetic patient: a case report. (P. 905)
Hiransuthikul N.

Review Articles

Psychosocial problems among AIDS health care providers. (P. 913)
Sithisarankul P.