CHULA MED J :   Vol.40  NO. 1  1/1996


บทบรรณาธิการ (P. 1)
Nares Sukcharoen

Reproductive health or Reproductive HELP (P. 3)

Special Articles

Reactive oxygen species and male infertility. (P. 7)
Sukcharoen N.

Original Articles

The comparison of Subzonal insemination in IVF program. (P. 15)
Pruksananonda K., Ahnonkitpanit V., Boonkasemsanti W., Virutamasen P.

The effectiveness of chicken model traning programme for subdermal contraceptions. (P. 23)
Bunyavejchevin S., Limpaphayom K., Reinprayoon D., Tantiyaporn K., Wisawasukmongchol W.

Comparing spatula alone and spatula/cotton swab sampling for cervical cytology. (P. 33)
Tanawattanacharoen S., Wannakrairot P., Tantayaporn K.

Comparison of the efficacy of 40 and 120 milligrams daily iron supplementation in normal pregnancy. (P. 41)
Manotaya S., Pruksananonda K.

Case Report

Spontaneous rupture of a renal angiomyolipoma during pregnancy in patient with tuberous sclerosis: a case report. (P. 49)
Vasuratna A., Wannakrairot P.

Review Articles

Advance in fetal surgery. (P. 57)
Wacharaprechanont T.

Modern Medicine

Health care workers and occupational exposures to blood and/or secreta of patients. Risk and prevention of Hepatitis-B virus, Hepatitis-C virus and Human immunodeficiency virus infection. (P. 73)
Hiransuthikul N.