CHULA MED J :   Vol.40  NO. 2  2/1996


ความสำเร็จในการก่อตั้งแพทย์จุฬา: อัศจรรย์หรือกลยุทธ์ (P. 89)
Boosba Vivatavakin

เชื้อเฮลิโคแบคเตอร์ไพลอไร (Helicobactor pylori) กับกุมารแพทย์ (P. 93)

Special Articles

Critical role of pediatricians in controlling and preventing end-stage renal disease. (P. 97)
Futrakul P.

Original Articles

Balloon atrial septostomy using echocardiographic monitoring. (P. 105)
Leelakitsap A, Lertsapcharoen P., Chottivittayatarakorn P., Pathmanand C., Thisyakorn C., Suebinvong V.

Scalp injures of metal and silastic cups vacuum extraction. (P. 115)
Chaithongwongwatthana S., Reinprayoon D.

Linear regression formula for correction of the QT interval of heart rate in children. (P. 123)
Chongsrisawat V., Chottivittayatarakorn P., Pathmanand C., Thisyakorn C., Sueblingvong V.

Case Report

Fat embolism syndrome: a case report. (P. 133)
Srisomboon C., Sriussadaporn S.

Review Articles

Acute confusional state (Delirium). (P. 143)
Larbboonsarp V.

Modern Medicine

Validity and reliability of self-reported weight and height of adolescents in Chiang Mai. (P. 157)
Tienboon P., Kittikunakorn C.