CHULA MED J :   Vol.50  NO. 2  2/2006


Informed consent for research. (P. 55)
Seublinvong T.

Special Articles

Obstructive sleep apnea in children. (P. 61)
Hirunwiwatkul P.

Original Articles

Urolithiasiss in Udon Thani Hospital: A rising prevalence of uric acid stone. (P. 77)
Boonla C., Thummaborworn T., Tosukhowong P.

MR findings of the spine and the spinal cord in HIV patients. (P. 91)
Lerdlum S., Chaowanapanja P., Chutiwongthanaphat K.

Review Articles

Nephrolithiasis: Pathophysiology, therapeutic approach and health promotion. (P. 103)
Tosukhowong P., Yachantha C., Sasivongsbhakdi T., Boonla C., Tungsanga K.

Modern Medicine

Malaria parasite: Genomics, biochemistry and drug target for antimalarial development. (P. 127)
Krungkrai J., Krungkrai S.