CHULA MED J :   Vol.46  NO. 2  2/2002


Update in Orthopaedics. (P. 105)
Tajapongvorachai T.

Special Articles

Metallic implants in orthopaedics. (P. 109)
Tajapongvorachai T., Kuptniratsaikul S., Itiravivong P.

Original Articles

The measurement of the semitendinosus muscle tendon length: A cadaveric study in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 123)
Kuptniratsaikul S., Kuptniratsaikul V., Udompunturak S., Siripunpiriya M., Tajapongvarachai T., Itiravivong P.

Double-wing volar V-Y advancement flap for reconstruction of finger tip defects: Report of 23 cases. (P. 131)
Kitdumrongsook P., Patradul A., Ngarmukos C., Parkpain V.

Comparative study of the effectiveness of the conventional training program and a manikin-based training program for Chulalongkorn University medical students in venipuncture training. (P. 137)
Wiwanitkit V.

Case Report

Management of uncontained bone defect in revision total knee artroplasty with double modular metal augments: a report of 3 cases with a review of literature. (P. 143)
Tanavalee A., Yuktanandana P., Ngarmukos C.

Suprascapular nerve entrapment: a case report of an uncommon site and uncommon pathology of the lesion. (P. 155)
Kuptniratsaikul S., Kuptniratsaikul V., Chonmaitri I., Tanprasert S.

Review Articles

Current surgical treatment of Idiopathic scoloosis. (P. 163)
Yingsakmongkol W., Gaines RW.

Modern Medicine

Update metallic alloy in Othopaedics. (P. 183)
Kuptniratsaikul S., Tajapongvorachai T., Itiravivonf P.