CHULA MED J :   Vol.46  NO. 9  9/2002


Medical check - up. (P. 701)
Lohsoonthorn V.

Special Articles

The improvement of quality system. (P. 703)
Lohsoonthorn P.

Original Articles

Assessment of outcomes of health checkups at Moblie Health Checkup unit, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 711)
Lohsoonthorn V., Kalayanachati A.

Result of surgical treatment of upper thoracic spine fractures above T9 by posterior spinal instrumentation and fusion using pedicle screws. (P. 725)
Yingsakmongkol W., Gaines RW.

Penile Prosthesis: Option for treatment of ED in Thailand. (P. 739)
Kongkanand A., Tantiwongse K.

Case Report

Wilson's disease with hepatitis C virus infection, a case report. (P. 747)
Wiwanitkit V.

Review Articles

Statistical reviewing in Medical articles. (P. 753)
Hirunwiwatkul P.

Modern Medicine

Comparison of the effectiveness of lecture and problem based learning program. (P. 763)
Boonhong J.