CHULA MED J :   Vol.44  NO. 10  10/2000


Evidence Based Medicine to Clinical Practice Guideline Appropriateness and Decision Making. (P. 737)
Suthichaiyakul T.

Special Articles

Angiotensin Coverting Enzyme Inhibitor (ACE-Inhibitor) vs. Angiotensin II type 1 Receptor Antagonist (AT1RA of AIIA). (P. 741)
Sangwatananroj S.

Original Articles

Gender differences in demographcs, treatment and outcome of Thai patients with acute myocardial infarction at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 749)
Sangwatanaroj S., Indrabhakti S., Srimahachota S., Boonyaratavej S., Suthichaiyakul T.

Patients with Irritable bowel syndrome: possible hypersensitivity to Capsicum. (P. 759)
Thong-ngam D., Treeprasertsuk S., Sriatanaban A.

Can urodynamic parameters predict the outcome of TUR-P in BPH patients? (P. 767)
Supitak W., Bunyaratavej P., Ratchanon S.

Case Report

Treatment of complete atrioventricular block caused by neurocardiogenic syncope with beta-adrenergic blockade therapy. (P. 777)
Prechawat S., jirarojungkun W., Sunsaneewitayakul B., Sitthisook S.

Review Articles

Beta blocker treatment in chronic congestive heart failure. (P. 785)
Prechawat S.

Modern Medicine

Right-sided diverticulitis: a not uncommon condition. (P. 801)
Treeprasertsuk S., Thong-ngam D.