CHULA MED J :   Vol.42  NO. 6  6/1998


The new Potential of Surgical Training: Surgical training center. (P. 413)
Bunprasert T.

Special Articles

Evacuated blood collection system. (P. 417)
Wiwanitkit V., Siritantikorn A., Charuruks N.

Original Articles

Hemodynamic changes after pulmonary ballon valvuloplasty in tetralogy of Fallot patients. (P. 431)
Thongchaiprasit K., Lertsapcharoen P., Chottivittayatarakorn P., Thisyakorn C., Pathmanand C., Sueblinvong V.

Cadaveric study of th lower portion of the serratus anterior muscle. (P. 441)
Tansatit M., Tansatit T.

Case Report

A case of Kenny-Caffey syndrome. (P. 455)
Wacharasindhu S., Likitmaskul S., Angsusingha K., Tuchinda C., Keorochana S.

Review Articles

Medical ethics in oncology for Thailand. (P. 461)
Bhikkhu M., Voravud N., Sirisup N.

Modern Medicine

The comparative study of the effectiveness of model training program for lumbar puncture and conventional training program. (P. 487)
Mikasen R., Phornsuwannapha S., Somboonviboon W., Uerpairrojkit K., Chatrkaw P., Charuluxananan S.