CHULA MED J :   Vol.42  NO. 11  11/1998


Prevention of trattic accident in children. (P. 991)
Chitmittrapap S.

Original Articles

A new teachique for mandibular angle resection. (P. 995)
Jindarak S.

p53 Overexpression as a predictor of early recurrace of superficila transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder. (P. 1003)
Ratchanon S., Sampatanukul P., Prasopsanti K., Laomuan S.

Can albumin as priming solution improve post cardiopulmonary bypass platelet quantity? A prospective randomized comparison between albumin and polygeline in patients having eletive coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. (P. 1013)
Leelahanon S., Luengtaviboon K., Bennett JG., Singhatanadgige S., Numchaisiri J., Neamin B., Thungsubachai S., Wetwithan S., Comyod A.

Case Report

Primary spinal melanoma: presentation of a case with prolonged course. (P. 1027)
Thongsuksai P., Ratanalert S.

Review Articles

Cell cycle and tumorigenesis. (P. 1035)
Charuruks N., Sutheesophon J., Voravud N.

Modern Medicine

Malignant hepatic tumor in children. (P. 1049)
Mekanantawat M., Chitmittrapap S.