CHULA MED J :   Vol.41  NO. 9  9/1997


กุมารเวชศาสตร์ จากอดีต-ปัจจุบัน (P. 627)
Pakitti Tayanithi

Ophthalmology Today. (P. 633)
Tayanithi P.

Special Articles

Laser myopic refractive surgery. (P. 635)
Tanyanithi P.

Original Articles

The prevalence rates of human intestinal parasites in Mae-la-moong, Umphang District, Tak Province, a rural area of Thailand. (P. 649)
Triteeraprapab S., jongwutiwes S., Chanthachum N.

Vaginal administration of oral contraceptive pill affects on vaginal cytology- a pilot study. (P. 659)
Trivijitsilp T., Chompootaweep S., Tantayaporn K., Bunyathiti D.

Anatomical measurement for localization of the true vocal cord in Thais. (P. 665)
Hirunwiwatkul P., Vatanasapt P., Tansatit T.

Case Report

Superficial pleomorphic liposarcoma: a case report. (P. 673)
Kleebkaow P., Shuangshoti S., Punyavoravut V., Lutigaviboon V.

Review Articles

MRI of hepatobiliary system. (P. 679)
Boonjunwetawat D.