CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 1  1/2011

Special Articles

Drugs and promotions: basic arguments on their controversial areas. (P. 1)
Vatjanapukka V.

Original Articles

Functional improvement of stroke patients at Thai Red Cross Rehabilitation Center. (P. 9)
Tantisiriwat N, Srinkapaibulaya A.

Reduction of stress, depression and overweight by awareness of problems in Thai medical students, Srinakharinwirot University. (P. 19)
Kongsomboon K, Pattarathitinan D.

Effects of aquatic exercise on pulmonary function in healthy Thai subjects. (P. 29)
Janyacharoen T, Chaichanawongsa J, Namsiri S, Thongduang Y, Arayawichanond P.

Review Articles

Clinical application of pharmacogenetic markers for drug dosing. (P. 39)
Sukasem C.

Modern Medicine

Happiness and related factors of managing directors in industrial plants in Bangkok. (P. 55)
Wattanasup J, Kalayasiri R.

Quality of life of pregnant women who decide to terminate their pregnancy. (P. 65)
Rattanaprasop N, Nimnuan C.

Pupil sizes of bodies with variant post-mortem intervals. (P. 77)
Sinpajakpon P, Vongpaisarnsin K.