CHULA MED J :   Vol.55  NO. 3  5/2011

Original Articles

Ankle morphometry for development of ankle prosthesis. (P. 193)
Khanasuk Y, Itiravivong P, Tangpornprasert P, Virulsri C.

Characteristics of GafchromicTM EBT film for dosimetric verification for high energy photon beams. (P. 207)
Wongjom P, Suriyapee S, Sanghangthum T, Oonsiri S, Insang P.

Sufficient activity is important for mobility of well-functioning elderly. (P. 221)
Amatachaya S, Thaweewannakij T, Srisim K, Wongsa S, Phiwjinda K, Mato L, Siritarathiwat W.

Effectiveness of alcohol craving control program on alcohol consumption in persons with alcohol dependence. (P. 233)
Suktrakul S, Yunibhand J, Chaiyawat W.

Case Report

Catch-up growth in a girl with prolonged autoimmune hypothyroidism complicated by precocious puberty after thyroid hormone replacement. (P. 253)
Supornsilchai V, Kongkanka C, Wacharasindhu S.

Review Articles

Application of Roy’s Adaptation Model in nursing care for patients with end stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis. (P. 261)
Yodchai K, Oumtanee A, Matchim Y, Niyomthai N.

Modern Medicine

Radiographic analysis of elbow size. (P. 273)
Sukcharoenyingyong S, Tienboon P, Itiravivong P, Tangpornprasert P, Virulsri C, Tansatit T.

Stress and associated factors among Ruamkatanyu rescue workers in Bangkok Mmetropolis. (P. 283)
Somboon P, Roomruangwong C.