CHULA MED J :   Vol.30  NO. 6  5/1986


การเชื่อมกระดูกสังหลังส่วนเอวในโรคปวดหลัง (P. 483)
Pibul Itiravivong

Special Articles

Role of spinal fusion. (P. 485)
Prasongchin P.

Original Articles

High tibial osteotomy. (P. 493)
Tienboon P.

Anterior spinal fusion in the low-back pain; a clinical and radiological evaluation. (P. 505)
Itiravivong P., O' Brien JP., Park WM.

Serum proteins transmission into Oviductal eggs. (P. 517)
Liengswangwong U.

Comparision study of reserpine and furosemide in acute glomerulonephritis in children. (P. 525)
Tatiyakavee K., Wattana T., Sukonthaman A.

Rectangular rod fixation in unstable lumbar spine. (P. 537)
Tienboon P.

Case Report

Transposterior lumbar interbody fusion. (P. 549)
Prasongchin P.

Reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament with artficial ligament (Leed-keio). Cases repost. (P. 561)
Sakdejayont C., Limpaphayom M.

Review Articles

Dobutamine. (P. 571)
Suithichchaiyakul T.


Treatment of portal hypertension. (P. 581)
Israsena S., Kladcharoen N., Kukreja A., Anantaphanphong S., Wilairatana S.