CHULA MED J :   Vol.30  NO. 7  7/1986


ประโยชน์ของวิทยาการระบาดต่อชุมชน (P. 603)
Paiboon Lohsoonthorn

Special Articles

How to read article in a clinical journals I: How to start reading them critically. (P. 607)
Kamol-Ratanakul P.

Medical surveillance guidelines and biological monitoring for control of lead at work. (P. 613)
Sakonthaman U.

Original Articles

Survey of oral rehydration salts and electrolyte beverages in Bangkok Metropolis. (P. 621)
Lohsoonthorn P.

Baseline data of immigrant workers in Bothong district; eastern Thailand. (P. 631)
Kamol-Ratanakul P., Keratihatayakorn P., Tunpradit S., Thongsawat P., Hirunbut S., Viriyakijja V., Viputsiri O., Dhanamun B.

Training in community hospital management for extern. (P. 641)
Viputsiri O., Dhanamun B., Lohsoonthorn P., Nuchprayoon T., Sethabutra M., Chotiwan P.

A study on the variations of the axillary arteries in Thailand. (P. 653)
Dhanvartor P.

The serological diagnosis of rubella infection using staphylococcal protein A absorption method. (P. 663)
Punnaragsa V., Sakulramrung R.

Case Report

A case of amoebic colitis with massive bleeding. (P. 671)
Wongcharoen P.

Review Articles

Measles, measles vaccine and subacute panencephalitis. (P. 677)
Nuchprayoon T.


Psoas abscess presenting as abdominal mass. (P. 687)
Chittmittrapap S., Chandrakamol P., Chomdej S., Pakpien V., Phisitbutr M., Poovorawan Y.