CHULA MED J :   Vol.30  NO. 10  10/1986


การตรวจทางห้องปฎิบัติการกับงานวิจัย (P. 953)
Sompongse Chinayon, Thamasakdi Prasanphanij

Special Articles

Reference values in clinical chemistry. (P. 955)
Chinayon S.

Original Articles

Evaluation of performance characteristics of the modified bromcresol purple technique for serum albumin determination. (P. 967)
Wuttipongworakit H., Bhokaisawan N., Paritpokee N., Santiyanont R.

An outbreak of rubella during 1983-1984: Laboratory findings. (P. 977)
Punnaragsa V., Yenbutra D.

Comparative study in chemical changes of ACD- and CPD- stored blood. (P. 983)
Tiensiwakul P., Paldheera S., Chaiyasest T., Aksornvongs P., Bhumipugdi C., Mogmued S., Bunvisuthi P., Tanthien P.

The comparative study of methods used in the quantitative analysis of diazepam in plasma. (P. 997)
Auansakul A., Punpanich T.

Cost and benefit in blood urea nitrogen and creatinine determinations. (P. 1007)
Manothai P.

Case Report

Extensive intrapulmonary metastases and pleural involvement in primary bronchogenic ademocarcinoma mimicking metastases from primary extrapulmonary cancer and massive pleural effusion. (P. 1013)
Samruay Shuangshoti.

Review Articles

Technique for laboratory diagnosis of infectious disease (Recent progress) (P. 1023)
Dhamabutra N., Suwanakul P., Chongthaleong A., La-or-patanakul S.


Intramural hematoma of duodenum. (P. 1037)
Chittmittrapap S., Chandrakamol P., Chomdej S., Poovorawan Y.

Formative Evaluation Program. (P. 1051)
Laisnitsarekul B., Varavithya C., Chongtrakul P.