CHULA MED J :   Vol.30  NO. 12  12/1986


ความสำคัญของสีแกรมทางแพทย์ (P. 1173)
Narathorn Dhamabutra, Madhi Kulkumthorn

Special Articles

The production and application of monoclonal antibodies. (P. 1179)
Panmoung W., Narathorn D.

Original Articles

Detection of IgG, IgM rubella antibodies in blood collected on filter paper strips. (P. 1193)
Punnarugsa V., Pattamdilok S.

The serotypes of Bordetella pertussia prevalent in some areas of Thailand from 1980 to 1984. (P. 1201)
Luksamijarulkul P.

Opisthorchiasis: A study on the effective dosages of praziquantel in cases with and without symptoms. (P. 1209)
Kulkumthorn M., Kraivichian P., Yingyourd P., Buhngamomgkol P., Akaraborvorn P.

Interpretations by differen observes in the detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from Gram stained cervical smears. (P. 1219)
Nunthapisud P., Ananchanachai W., Pawenakitiporn W.

Detection of rubella specific IgM by solid - phase immunosorbent hemagglutination inhibition technic. (P. 1227)
Punnarugsa V., Mungmee W.

Case Report

Cutaneous leishmaniasis: A case report. (P. 1237)
Tantikun N., Susilavorn B., Naigowit P., Teerawattanasuk N.

Review Articles

The medical significance of anaerobic bacteroides species. (P. 1245)
Dhamabutra N., Reinprayoon S., Navanirathsai A.