CHULA MED J :   Vol.29  NO. 1  1/1985


Clinical Pharmacology. (P. 1)
Tankeyoon M.

Special Articles

Opiate receptors and Opioid peptides. (P. 7)
Suthisisang S.

The use of a pulmonary artery catheter. (P. 13)
Somboonviboon W.

Original Articles

Common bile duct calculi. A retrospective study in 99 cases. (P. 27)
Pirompakdi Y.

Effects on intestinal motility of thirty herbal medicines used in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. (P. 39)
Tham-aree S., Pachotikarn J., Tankeyoon M., Itthipanichpong J.

A clinical trail for the treatment of cataneous in fection with a single daily dose of oral cefadroxil (as compared to the conventional therapy with oral penicillin V). (P. 53)
Limmongkol B., Noppakun N.

Changes in arterial blood gases during general anesthesia using Bain circuits. (P. 61)
Somboonviboon W., Siriwatwejjakul O., Choedamphai E.

Relation between the serum levonorgestral and progesterone and progesterone levels in Thai Woman. (P. 69)
Tankeyoon M., Werawatanagumpa S., Pongpradit T., Dusitsin N.

Astudy of documents on the rural health development in Thailand between 1971-1981. (P. 83)
Itthipanichpong C., Tankeyoon M.

Case Report

Anterolateral Harrington instrumentation. (P. 95)
Itiravivong P.

Review Articles

Ketoconazale. (P. 103)
Pachotkarn C.


Infectious syphilis. (P. 115)
Huiprasert P., Korkij W., Siriyong T., Israsena S.