CHULA MED J :   Vol.29  NO. 8  8/1985


หลักการเลือกเทคนิควิเคราะห์สำหรับห้องปฎิบัติการเคมีคลีนิก (P. 859)
สมพงษ์ จินายน

Special Articles

Nutrition, hormones and aging. (P. 863)
Everitt AV.

Original Articles

Nutural infection in Thai Red Cross nursing students. (P. 873)
Punnaragsa W.

Study of clinical chemistry tests determined by participant laboratories of the Thailand External Quality Assessment scheme (TEQAS) (P. 879)
Chinayon S.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for early detection of whooping cough. (P. 889)
Luksamijarulkul P., Phirapakorn S., Limpiwattakee S.

Study of changes in hematologic values of the stored whole blood. (P. 897)
Bhokaisawan N., Chinayon S., Bhumipugde C.

Study of 5 nucleotidase in normal Thais and its clinical value in malignancy. (P. 907)
Chutinasawangporn M., Santiyanont R.

Case Report

Isolation of H. ducreyi from the male chancroid. (P. 915)
Dhamabutra N., Kamol-Ratanakul P.

Review Articles

Interferon and cancer -therapy. (P. 923)
Tiensiwakul P.


A 43 - year old man with abdominal pain, fever and unilateral renomegaly. (P. 935)
Tangsang K., Vajaraponse K., Pongsabutra S., Suwangool P.