CHULA MED J :   Vol.29  NO. 10  10/1985


Successful pathogens. (P. 1049)
Kraivichian P., Dhamabutra N.

Special Articles

Anaerobic infection of intra and extra oropharyngeal. (P. 1057)
Dhamabutra N.

Original Articles

Clinical trial of a 500 mg. dose of mebendazole in hookworn infection. (P. 1069)
Kulkumthorn M., Yingyourd P., Kraivichian P.

Survey of eye abnormalities in primary school children in Bangkok. (P. 1077)
Lertchavanakul A., Chansue J.

A preliminary report on the experimental treatment of Gnathostoma spingerum infection in mice with albendazole. (P. 1083)
Yingyourd P., Kraivichian P, Kulkumthorn M.

The workload of medical of medical intractors Chulalongkorn University in acadenic year 1983. (P. 1097)
Lainsnitsarekul B., Varavithya C.

Evaluation of beta-lactamase-producing anaerobes from healthy and diseased subject. (P. 1105)
Sri-Payak B., Kamol-Ratanakul P., Alack DJM., Dhamabutra N., Pitakdumrongkit B.

Studies on production of excretory-secretory products from 3rd stage larvae of gnathostoma spinigerum by an in vitro cultivation. (P. 1115)
Rattanasiriwilai W., Chanthachume K., Kulkumthorn M., Yingyourd P.

Case Report

Severe tuberculous kyphosis: a new method of correction. (P. 1121)
Itiravivong P.

Review Articles

A review of the heterophyid flukes in man. (P. 1131)
Waikagul J.

Clostridium difficile of medical importance. (P. 1139)
Dhamabutra N., Soi-Kratog S., Puphaibul K., Menapinundi K.


C-reactive protien in pediatrics. (P. 1153)
Chotvittayatarakorn P.

Managemen of mini 'home-made' anaerobic chamber. (P. 1161)
Nuensri K., Dhamabutra N.