CHULA MED J :   Vol.28  NO. 1  1/1984


ศัลยศาสตร์ออโทปิดิกส์ที่จุฬาลงกรณ์ (P. 1)
Manit Limpaphayom

Original Articles

Incident of HLA-B27 in patients with herniated lumbar disc. (P. 3)
Bunnag Y., Deesomchok U., Pantoomkomol T., Bejraputra O.

The effect of preoxygenation with 100% oxygen before endotracheal suctioning in the cardiothoracic surgical patients. (P. 9)
Surapong K., Nampet W.

Acetabular ring reconstruction in total hip arthroplasty (a study in 12 cases) (P. 17)
Viroonchan W., Puthiprasert A., Limpaphayom M.

Eye sight condition of Chulalongkorn University students. (P. 31)
Ratanavijarn C., Wangdeesiriskul K.

Case Report

Neurofibrosarcoma (Malignant Schwannoma) (P. 43)
Itiravivong P., Khuntaraporn N.

Operative treatment of paralytic genu recurvatum. (P. 51)
Teinboon P., Limpaphayom M.

False aneurysm of the femoral artery after nailing of a femoral shaft fracture. (P. 59)
Palradul A., Parkpian V., Ngormukos C.

Review Articles

Rifampicin as an antistaphylococcal agent. (P. 67)
Francesco Parenti.


Cutaneous drug eruptions. (P. 73)
Noppakun N., Huiprasert P., Vibhagool A., Israsena S.