CHULA MED J :   Vol.28  NO. 5  5/1984


การคลอดท่าก้น (P. 459)
Sukit Phoasavasdi

Special Articles

The case-control study in the relationship of steroid contraceptives and neoplasia in Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 461)
Wongsrichanalia C., Poomsuwan P., Virutamasen P., Sindhvananda S., Jimakorn P., Suwangool P., Boonsiri B.

Obstetrical record 1978 - 1982 Chulalongkorn Hospital, Chulalongkorn University. (P. 473)
Limpongsanurak S., Virutamasen P.

Original Articles

Stillbirth and accompanying pathology. (P. 483)
Phaosavasdi S., Hasanee K.

Chronic diarrhea in infants from Salmonellosis. (P. 497)
Poovorawan P., Pongpunlert W., Reinprayoon S., Sensirivatana R.

The relationship of oral contraceptive use and invasive cervical carcinoma: a preliminary report. (P. 507)
Wongsrichanalia C., Poomsuwan P., Virutamasen P., Sindhvananda S., Sakdeewongge L., Settawiwat P., Wipasuramonton P.

The effect of experimental biliary obstruction on renal functions in dogs. (P. 521)
Chomdej B., Voravarnt T., Phantusin P.

Control of hypertension in pre-eclamptics by epidural analgesia. (P. 531)
Witoonpanich P., Surapong K.

Case Report

Choriocarcinoma in a term pregnancy. (P. 536)
Tanslaruk U., Limpongsanurak S.

Review Articles

Ultrasonography in Ocstetrics and Gynecologist. (P. 545)
Charoenvidhya T., Sangkhavasi K.


Diabetic microangiopathy. (P. 555)
Sitprija S., Chusilp S., plengvidaya C., Nantawan P.