CHULA MED J :   Vol.28  NO. 6  6/1984


การใช้หน่วยมาตราฐานสากลสำหรับรายงานผลการวิเคราะห์สารทางเคมีคลินิค (P. 571)
Sompongse Chinayon, Tada Sueblinvong

Special Articles

Reproducibility of clinical chemistry tests in Chulalongkorn Hospital laboratory. (P. 577)
Chinayon S., Aksornvongs P.

Three year followed -up performance in the clinical chemistry laboratory, Chulalongkorn Hospital. (P. 589)
Chinayon S., Aksornvongs P., Chantravakin E., Chaiyasest C., Snidwongs M.

Original Articles

Injectable contraceptive-Norethisterone Oenanthate (NET-OEN). (P. 603)
Chinvanthananond P., Kummuang N.

Reference value for pretien in cerebrospinal fluid. (P. 611)
Chantravekin E., Kamolratanakul P.

The significance of special biochemical tests in urinalysis. (P. 615)
Tantirasdr K., Bhumipugdi C., Yimsiri B.

Serum salicylate in healthy Thai adult and children. (P. 623)
Matrakool B., Pidetcha P.

A study of the glucose phophate isomerase in Trichomonas voginalis. (P. 629)
Sueblinvong T., Shevatananont S., Chanchiew S., Thaithong S.

Case Report

Acute iron poisoning. (P. 639)
Pathmanand C., Poovorawan Y., Chomdej S., Rungruxsirivorn S., Kanjanapipatkul P.

Review Articles

Malaria vaccine. (P. 657)
Santiyanont R.

Jumping gene. (P. 675)
Taechaudomtavorn V.


Mushroom poisoning. (P. 681)
Poovorawan Y.