CHULA MED J :   Vol.61  NO. 6  11/2017


In memoriam: Professor Vinal Parkpian (1937-2017). (P. 689)
Honsawek S. Yuktanandana P.

Original Articles

Morphometric study of fixed nasal anatomical structures related to endoscopic surgery of sinuses and anterior base of skull in hemisagittal cadaveric heads. (P. 693)
Papassornsiri T. Chentanez V.

Effectiveness of passive stretching of the Achilles tendon with the continuous passive stretching (CPS) instrument in patients with plantar heel pain. (P. 703)
Engkananuwat P. Kanlayanaphotporn R. Purepong N.

Review Articles

Breast reconstruction for mastectomy. (P. 715)
Suwajo P. Haetanurak S.

Modern Medicine

The 6-min walk test and quality of life in heart patients participated cardiac rehabilitation clinic, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. (P. 731)
Rodphothong P. Rangkra S. Pasanam J.

Effects of traditional Thai boxing exercise program on physical performance in elderly Thai subjects: A pilot study. (P. 745)
Srisamai T. Nakmareong S. Yonglitthipagon P. Siritaratiwat W. Auvichayapat P. Sawanyawisuth K. Janyacharoen T.

The effect of sit-to-stand and imagined sit-to-stand on the electroencephalograms features of healthy elderly. (P. 757)
Somthavil S. Srisupornkornkool K. Rassameejan S. Boonyarom O.

High oxidative stress and decrease of mitochondrial DNA copies in musculoskeletal tumors. (P. 771)
Tanpaisankit M. Hongsaprabhas C. Charoenlap C. Honsawek S.

Mental health status and associated factors in first year undergraduate students. (P. 783)
Iamwattanaseri N. Vorakul P. Roomruangwong C.

Mental health and defense mechanism among flight attendants in a commercial airline in Thailand. (P. 799)
Puangsorn P. Buathong N.


คำขอบคุณ (P. 815)

ดรรชนีผู้แต่ง (P. 817)

ดรรชนีบทความ (P. 821)