CHULA MED J :   Vol.51  NO. 7  7/2007


To live with good health. (P. 305)
Kawkitinarong K.

Special Articles

Health promotion and excerxise for health. (P. 309)
Kullavanijaya P.

Original Articles

Risk factors of brain herniation in patients with acute middle cerebral artery occlusion. (P. 317)
Chaisam T., Chrannarong N.

Proton pump inhibitors as a therapeutic treatment for non-cardiac chest pain from esophageal reflux disease. (P. 327)
Wattanachanya L., Golachanvit S.

Case Report

Systemic amyloidosis masquerading as polymyositis. (P. 343)
Kanjanabuch T., Townamchai N., Kittikowit W., Techawathanawanna N., Avihingsanon Y., Praditpornsilpa K., Tungsanga K., Eiam-Ong S.

Review Articles

Obesity and breathing disorders. (P. 349)
Jaimchariyatam N.