CHULA MED J :   Vol.53  NO. 6  11/2009


Past, Present and Future: The Departmentt of Laboratory Medicine. (P. 461)
Ujjin P.

Special Articles

Gold nanoparticle: a novel tool for DNA and protein detection. (P. 465)
Rojanathanes R., Sereemaspun A.

Original Articles

Is automated urine analyzer iQ200 a practical replacement? (P. 477)
Mekaroonkamol P., Liyamasawat P., Akvong P., Thepa N., Ketloy C., Ujjin P.

Sterility and stability of manually diluted 2.5% phenylephrine hydrochloride for pupillary dilatation. (P. 489)
Vaivanijkul J., Kulvichit K., Tulvatana W.

Evaluation of COBAS c111 and COBAS INREGRA 800 automated analyzers. (P. 499)
Mekaroonkamol P., Ketloy C., Chamnanprai S., Milintakas A., Chatsantikul R., Ujjin P.

Review Articles

Eosinophilia. (P. 509)
Sreesunpasirigul C.

Modern Medicine

Prevalence of depression of girls in Thanyaporn Foster Home. (P. 519)
Srithong R., Kasantikul D., Prachuabmoh V.

Stress of sale representatives of international companies in Bangkok area. (P. 531)
Swangjang J., Hemrungrojn S.

Quality of life of students living in dormitories of Chulalongkorn University. (P. 545)
Anghao W., Nimnuan C.