CHULA MED J :   Vol.31  NO. 4  4/1987


ขอบเขตของพยาธิวิทยาและความขาดแคลนพยาธิแพทย์ในประเทศไทย (P. 267)
Samruay Shuangshoti

Special Articles

Fuels for exercise. (P. 271)
Aksaranugkaha S.

Original Articles

Secondary bone tumors- A study of 93 cases. (P. 287)
Chaiwun B.

The acute effect of Russell's viper venom on renal functions in rats. (P. 295)
Chomdej B., Pfaller W.

Bone tumors and tumor-like lesions - A retrospective study of 431 cases. (P. 303)
Sampatanukul P., Pattanaruanglai A., Siriaungkul S., Chaiwun B., Viratchai C.

Comaparative study between ACD and CPD stored blood for cellular and coagulation factor changes. (P. 311)
Tiensiwakul P., Bhumipugdi C., Sastarasadhit N., Yimisiri B., Sirimongkolsakul S., Sangkitikomol W., Bunvisuthi P., Tanthien P.

Synchronous occurrence of malignant fibrous histiocytoma of soft tissue and brinchogenic carcinoma in one patient. (P. 317)
Wannakrairot P.

Case Report

รายงานการสำรวจการใช้ดรรชนีหัวเรื่องบทความวารสารภาษาไทยทางการแพทย์ (P. 323)

Carcinosarcoma of the lung: A cae report. (P. 329)
Yenrudi S., Haetanurak S.

Review Articles

Problems relating to anatomy of subdural space and pathology of subdural hemorrhage: a review. (P. 335)
Shuangshoti S.


Management of Mini 'Co2 - Home Made Moist-Cabinet'. (P. 343)
Dhamabutra N., Chongthaleong A., Phupaibul K.