CHULA MED J :   Vol.32  NO. 6  6/1988


การใช้ยาอย่างสมเหตุผล (P. 509)
Saowani Chumdermpadetsuk

Special Articles

Sophisticated beside equipments in the neonatal intensive care unit. (P. 513)
Thaithumyanon P.

Risk and participatory Action Research approach for community nutrition programmes. (P. 521)
Jongpiputvanich S.

Original Articles

Respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia in pediatric patients: seasonal occurrence and clinical aspects. (P. 531)
Limudomporn S., Prapphal N., Suttiboon V., Punnaragse V.

Clinical features of qouty arthritis. (P. 537)
Deesomchok U., Tumrasvin T.

Intravenous infusion: A potential source of nosocomial infection. (P. 547)
Chotvittayarakorn P., Chumdermpadetsuk S., Reinprayoon S.

Measuring instruments for for problem-based learning. (P. 553)
Laisnitsarekul B.

Knowledge, attitude and practice about child growth and development of mothers whose children participated in a Thai-Red Cross Child Health Contest. (P. 567)
Israsena T., Singdhakant C., Sotthisopa P.

Urinary enzymes and renal function changes following VIPERA RUSSELLI SIAMENSIS snake venom injection in rats. (P. 573)
Chomdej B., Pfaller W.

Case Report

Simultaneous infection with the viruses of chickenpox and rubella: 2 case report. (P. 579)
Owatanapanich S., Pongprasit P.

Review Articles

Prevaccination screening and interpretation of hepatitis B virus markers. (P. 587)
Poovorawan Y., Pongpunlert W., Chumdermpadetsuk S.


Cryptococcal meningitis. (P. 593)
Pongpunlert W., Phancharoen S., Likitnukul S., Poovorawan Y. Editor.